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Coaching looks forward to the possibilities of what could be rather than focusing on the past. As we move through this journey together, I will help you discover your own personal values so you can create a more fulfilled life in keeping with what is most important to you. I believe in being real, keeping it simple, and finding inner peace. I am committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental space, where you can delve deeply and with intention into what makes you whole and happy.

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I know from personal experience this journey is a long road. I remain in awe of the hard work, courage, and determination put forth by the men and women who want more for their life. My intention is to be the catalyst for your transformation into the person you truly want to be.

I attended UCLA, graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with degrees in Education. I am a professionally-trained facilitator and
Co-Active personal growth coach.

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Get started on your journey by jumping in.

My workshops are a half or full day focused on exploring what you plan to do with your "one wild and precious life." Retreats are a multi-day, overnight time to listen to your heart and soul, get in touch with who you are and want to be, and meet your authentic self.

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